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Spring is here?

As far as the pro peloton goes, it’s on!  I watched the Tour of Flanders today, and it was one of the best races I’ve ever seen.

“Looking back, you get a bit nostalgic, but from a competitive point of view, Flanders was one of the most horrible races to ride but one of the greatest races to win.” – Sean Kelly

I thought for sure Cancellara was going to win. Then I thought for sure Gilbert was going to win. Then I thought Chavanel would win the game of tactics. Then I again thought Cancellara was going to win. Then Nuyens won.

What an amazing race.  Paris-Roubaix has a lot to live up to next week.

The weather here is improving, but at an agonizing pace.  It’s going to be raining a lot this week, but I have a shot at riding outside at least one day.  At least my trainer rides have been getting better as I adapt to more interval workouts.  I’m still working in some tempo rides; I need to do longer average rides this season – I want to have the average be right around 2½ hours.


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Think Spring

This morning I shoveled the slushy detritus pushed into my driveway from this morning’s snowplow.  When I was done, I looked up to see what has become two huge towers of snow.  One side is at least 6½ feet tall, the other nearly so.

These behemoths have been tall enough to affect both the view when entering/exiting the road and trash pickup since the first week of January.  So why am I thinking spring now?

Well for starters tomorrow is forecast to bring heavy rain and 40°+ temps, along with above-freezing highs for the rest of the week (mostly).  More importantly, I ventured to my LBS yesterday and ordered up my tires for the year.  A nice pair of Continental GP 4000s (700×25).  I settled for Gatorskins last year.  Never again.

All of this makes me so very hopeful that Spring will be here soon.  March is here in two days, and that is always a good sign.  I just have to stay focused on the trainer and stay disciplined on what I eat.  I am optimistic for this year’s rides.



Back On The Trainer

Riding TrainerMuch like the classics going from San Remo to Belgium and northern France, the weather here has gone from a smattering of 60+ °F sunny days to a solid week and a half of 40-45 °F and overcast and rainy.

The result of this is getting back on the trainer.  Man, it is hard to get motivated for this!  After riding around outside on worn, mismatched tires a few times, it’s tough to go in place for an hour.  It’s that time when I scan the forecast to look for a break when I can take my bike to the LBS for its annual tune-up.  Just before the weather gets consistently warm enough to say goodbye to the trainer for another season.

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There’s a Hole In My Calendar

It’s a weird time of year.  The days are getting longer and there are times when I can actually ride outside.  By the looks of the forecast, I only have one day out of the next week and a half that looks good for hitting the road.  Outside of that, it’s back on the trainer.  And therein lies the problem.

It was great to be out on the road last week, breathing in the fresh air.  Conversely, it was a chore to go back on the trainer to do an easy tempo ride.  It’s hard to maintain motivation on the trainer at this time.  I want it to warm up so badly, but I also don’t want to lose fitness and start gaining weight.  I’m already pushing 175; I should be starting the road season around 170; 172 at the most.

I’m planning on doing an hour or so interval ride on the trainer tonight.  A month ago, this would have been easy.  Right now I want to be lazy and have to force myself on to the bike.  It may be getting lighter out, but these can be dark days.

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Season Opener Haiku

Today was my first brief foray on the road this season.  It sure was nice to be liberated from the trainer.  Looking at the forecast, the weather won’t quite hold after tomorrow so it’s one more and done for a little while. 

My new tires showed up in the mail (thanks ProBike Kit!) – a pair of Conti 4000 700×25s.  It’s gonna be a good year.

Pavé, I missed you!

The wind on my face felt nice

Spring started today

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Think Spring

It’s a lovely 50°F today.  I went for a short walk at lunchtime and you could smell the melting snow.  It’s a difficult smell to describe, but it’s oh so sweet after a cold winter.

To be sure, Old Man Winter isn’t through with us yet.  That stupid groundhog can kiss my ass.  It’s always another 6 weeks of winter here.  I don’t think our average high temp in Albany touches 50 degrees until the end of March – which is about 6 weeks away.  Go figure.

At least the ice jam at the end of my driveway is mostly gone, and while today is a pleasant one, the temps will drop back to normal (low 30s) by the weekend.  The upside of course is hope.  It’s this time of year when I think about equipment purchases for the upcoming road season: new tires, a pair of bibs, maybe a new jersey.

It also gives me a little added motivation on the trainer.  There is always the motivation to maintain some fitness, keep my weight under control and sustain some sanity during the bleak months; but knowing that there is some light at the end of the tunnel makes it just a little bit easier.

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Still More Haiku

It’s forty degrees

O! see the ice melt away

Spring cannot be far


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