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BikeAlike: Falling Down

Hello all.  This time around we have one person felled by a computer.  The other felled by his own demons.

I present one Ken Jennings; taken out by Watson, the IBM supercomputer on Jeopardy!.

Ken Jennings

The second of today’s pairing is the enigmatic Floyd Landis; winner and loser of the 2006 Tour de France.

Floyd Landis


Ken Jennings, while seemingly smug, doesn’t irritate me like he does some people.  I’m totally jealous of what he did on Jeopardy! – I can’t get past the online contestant searches.

Floyd on the other hand has done his best to burn all bridges he had in cycling.  He denied everything for years and even took in donations for his defense, then about faced and said he did it after all.  While this is certainly enough to blight him in most people’s eyes, I think his worst act was to effectively take down the Bahati Foundation team.


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Doing Good, Giving Back

Rahsaan BahatiI had always thought there was something intriguing about Rahsaan Bahati.  Well this guy is something else.  Not only is he a top-level crit rider (he was national champ in 2008), he also now heads up an eponymous team and foundation.

He’s always been a winner on the road, now he is rapidly achieving Mensch status.  I recently listened to a great interview with him on Competitor Radio.  I get the feeling that the sky is the limit for him, whether it be as a team DS, a rider or as a volunteer.

Unfortunately the foundation team will not be racing the Tour of California, but in many ways they will always be a winning team.

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