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Spring is here?

As far as the pro peloton goes, it’s on!  I watched the Tour of Flanders today, and it was one of the best races I’ve ever seen.

“Looking back, you get a bit nostalgic, but from a competitive point of view, Flanders was one of the most horrible races to ride but one of the greatest races to win.” – Sean Kelly

I thought for sure Cancellara was going to win. Then I thought for sure Gilbert was going to win. Then I thought Chavanel would win the game of tactics. Then I again thought Cancellara was going to win. Then Nuyens won.

What an amazing race.  Paris-Roubaix has a lot to live up to next week.

The weather here is improving, but at an agonizing pace.  It’s going to be raining a lot this week, but I have a shot at riding outside at least one day.  At least my trainer rides have been getting better as I adapt to more interval workouts.  I’m still working in some tempo rides; I need to do longer average rides this season – I want to have the average be right around 2½ hours.


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Return of BikeAlike

Yes, the reports of Bike Alike‘s demise have been greatly exaggerated.  The triumphant return features a character actor and a Swiss time machine.

I give you actor Eric Balfour who played Milo Pressman on the show “24” and 4-time world time trial champ and classics badass Fabian Cancellara.

Milo Pressman

Milo Pressman

Fabian Cancellara

Fabian Cancellara

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Cycling Lookalikes

My most recent post apparently has struck a chord.  More specifically, it garnered a coveted (and I choose to believe prestigious) WTF!? du Jour award.

That’s all well and good, but it was a light bulb moment for me.  I’ve always been drawn to look alikes and in the spirit of Page 2 and Bikes vs. The World (we miss you Cosmo), I’m starting a new category: BikeAlike. 

Of course, BikeAlike was inspired by Ed Grimley and Fabian Cancellara – but Bjarne and Joe were the first appearance on this blog.  To honor this momentous contribution to posterity, I present the latest in this continuum:

Danny Pate and Michael J Fox

 Danny Pate  Michael J Fox

Danny Pate is one of my favorite riders.  An understated character, underrated climber and excellent time trialist.  It’s great to seem him flourish under Jonathan Vaughters’ wing.  He might not be a threat to win the Tour, but he is always a rider to be accounted for.  His performance on stage 15 of last year’s Tour was evidence of that.

As for Michael J Fox, who doesn’t know this guy?  Family Ties was popular, the Back to the Future movies were huge hits; he could do no wrong in the 80s.  Always a likable public persona, he is now better known for his work and advocacy toward finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

So who do you think has a look alike out there?  Post ’em in the comments.  If you can find a truly awesome pairing, there just might be an underwhelming prize headed your way.

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Well Played, VeloNews

Apparently the best shot VN had of ‘Cance was of when he was channeling Ed Grimley:

ed grimleycancellara








Surely there’s a better picture of him out there somewhere.


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Year In Review

Another year comes to a close, and everywhere can be seen a year-end wrap up.  Being an inherent sheep, I of course feel compelled to deliver one also.  So as they say on the BBC World Service, Here again are the main points.

New Job for Mrs. Stallion

A great weight was lifted from both of us when my wife embarked on a new career as a manicurist nail technician.  After toiling for years at a job she didn’t like, she finally took the leap into a new profession.  I can sympathise as I had a similar episode some ten years ago.  Nothing can suck the life force out of you like having to go to a job you hate every day.  Kudos to her.

Cancellara at Milan-San Remo (and Swiss Tour)

The best performances I saw in road racing this year both came from Tony Spartacus himself, Fabian Cancellara.  At Milan San Remo, the way he powered up at the last kilometer of a seven hour race was amazing.  What a way to stamp your dominance over the competition.  Not to be outdone in his home tour in June, he won two stages including a turn-yourself-inside-out sprint win in the final stage.  It was a career year for the Swiss rider, and he shows no signs of decline heading toward 2009.

Goal of Lake Desolation Road

My personal riding goal was set the previous winter.  I had decided at that point that the whole purpose of my outdoor season was to successfully complete the climb up Lake Desolation Road.  It was great motivation; the more I talked about it, the more I trained for the endurance required, the more I wanted it.

Alas, I was only able to complete it with a stop near the end.  However, it will become a part of my seasons as I go forward.  It’s a great route to take when I want to do a long ride – there and back is nearly 4 hours.

Discover some new roads in Charlton

As a result of my Desolation training, I rode quite a bit into the town of Charlton.  It’s a really nice place to ride – long stretches of road with wide, clean shoulders, very low traffic and pleasant scenery.  The intersections are few, and I get to ride through farm country.  I even went past a farm that was raising miniature horses.  To do all of the miles I want to in that town I can easily be out for 3 hours.  It gets a bow on it at the end, as I come home by way of my favorite “berg“; a short but very steep climb about 6 miles from home.  Sweet.

Start Blog

I can’t let this very venture slip past.  In August I launched this world-altering blog.  My stats via WordPress are encouraging.  I’m not overwhelmed with visitors, but I can definitely see that I have my readers.  To all of you, I say a hearty thanks!

Skipping Century in favor of Ocean City

I rode to Lake Desolation on September 1st.  A few days later, Mrs. Stallion and I took a needed vacation in the tourist trap of Ocean City, Maryland.  It was a refreshing few days at the beach, shopping, eating treats and generally chillaxin.

The timing was interesting.  I had a conflict of sorts;  there is a well-run Century ride every September here the weekend after Labor Day.  In this year’s case, that would have been on the weekend we came back from vacation.  I knew I was in better riding shape than I was when I first rode it in 2006.  However, common sense prevailed (I think) and I chose the beach instead.  Next year though, I think I can destroy my previous time of just under 7 hours.  Somebody hold me to this.

Better “off season” setup

As I write this, I am about 25 feet from my bike.  Last year that wasn’t the case.  I have been promoted from the basement to what was a spare bedroom.  It’s nice – I’m not freezing when I start and it’s a much friendlier environment.  The  multimedia experience is in effect; 7 Carmichael Do the Tour stages on CD and 4 Spinervals DVDs on the TV.  With all this, you’d think I would be on the trainer more but for some reason I’m averaging less rides per week.  I have 10 rides in December (11 for sure before New Year’s), but it should have had a few more.  It’s a nice segue into the next stanza:

No time off in January?

Usually, I take a week completely off of riding during the first full week of January.  It’s a time to recharge, heal annoying pains and take a mental break.  But with the (unintentional) reduction in riding this season, I might skip skipping.  I’d hate to hang on to all those extra holiday calories I threw down.  I’m not sure I could handle the guilt of intentionally not riding for 7 days straight.

Wow, that’s a lot for me to say.  I hope I haven’t driven too many of you away with this diatribe.  Maybe I can pull new people in by using the word “goth” again.  The last time I did that my hits spiked.


Let’s see how long a tome like this can hold me over.  Have a great new year everybody.  Open roads for all and keep the rubber side down.

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