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I’m Still Alive

Still dealing with work and moving issues, but I am getting my rides in.  I’d like to be riding more, but I should be happy with what I’m able to do.

I have been following this year’s Giro (totally not at work), and it’s been awesome.  It’s too bad this race doesn’t get more international attention.

As a side note to the Giro: Time Warner Cable doesn’t carry Universal Sports.  They used to, but they dropped it.  Step up and serve your customers, TWC.  Have you ever heard of a network called “This”?  Neither has anyone else, but that’s what replaced Universal Sports on Time Warner out here.

Oh yeah, I think Floyd Landis said some stuff last week?  I don’t know, it was hard to find any opinion on it.  One thing that didn’t get much press until yesterday is how what he did would affect his team.  I think it was a dick move to do what he did to the Bahati Foundation team’s image.  I stated before how I felt about that team.  Floyd seemed like a real incongruous pick to ride there, but I guess Rahsaan (like many others) believed Floyd.

Well, he’s succeeded in killing major sponsorship for the team.  Thanks for nothing, you just screwed a bunch of people’s livelihoods.


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Doing Good, Giving Back

Rahsaan BahatiI had always thought there was something intriguing about Rahsaan Bahati.  Well this guy is something else.  Not only is he a top-level crit rider (he was national champ in 2008), he also now heads up an eponymous team and foundation.

He’s always been a winner on the road, now he is rapidly achieving Mensch status.  I recently listened to a great interview with him on Competitor Radio.  I get the feeling that the sky is the limit for him, whether it be as a team DS, a rider or as a volunteer.

Unfortunately the foundation team will not be racing the Tour of California, but in many ways they will always be a winning team.

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Stage 13 to be raced in 21st Century

So the UCI has ‘decided’ to lift the ban on race radios during stage 13.  I’m sure that the race organizer ASO didn’t want another blazé stage that the riders passively-aggressively rode on stage 10.

It’s refreshing to see a return to rational thought.  Even baseball doesn’t screw up this bad.  When MLB decided to experiment with instant replay, they did it during spring training games, not the World Series.

When the NFL tries out new rules, it’s done during preseason, not the playoffs.

So of course the UCI in it’s never-ending quest to mangle the sport into something incomprehensible to the average sports fan, decides to change up the rules and tactics of the sport during it’s biggest event.  Oh yeah, did I mention that they dropped the announcement of this change just weeks before the Tour?

Gadzooks, man.  You couldn’t try this during the Dauphine or Pays Basque?  Even a semi-classic or two would have been a nice “experiment”.  As Jens Voigt said, why not have the riders go without helmets or brake cables either?  It makes just as much sense.

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Too Bad, Bernie

Bernard KohlSo Bernard Kohl “retires” and takes a parting shot saying that you can’t compete as a pro cyclist without doping.

Dumb words from a dumb guy.   I guess it never occured to you that you just weren’t good enough?

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Bummer-Free Zone

BummerI could take the low road.  I could go on about Tyler, the weather, my weight, work and countless other things bringing me down.  But I don’t.

I choose to believe that this will be a good week.  I should get my bike back from the shop, running in top condition (such as it is).  The weather for the end of the week looks to be awesome, and I plan on getting in some quality time on my new tires – Conti GP 4000 700x25s.

I think I have had one of my better trainer seasons (thanks Sufferfest); my first forays on to the pavement have been better than in years past.  Now that the true outdoor weather is upon me, it’s time to build up the endurance.  So far, it’s only been two hours for the longest ride.  That needs to go up to three hours soon.

This is a weird time for me bike-wise.  I can’t ride at all; I only have the one bike, and while I do enjoy long walks with my wife (around an hour long), they don’t have the same calorie expenditure.

I choose to think about training for my goals for this year.  I want to do the Mohawk-Hudson Century in September.  For various reasons, I haven’t ridden it since my first time in 2006.  I have no doubt I will do better this time.  I’m in better condition and my endurance by that time of the season will easily be better than it was in 2006.  Last year my longest rides were about 65 miles, or as I liked to call them, unsupported metric centuries.

Of course, I intend to climb Lake Desolation Road without unclipping like I did last time.  I will need to do more hill repeats to train for it, but I feel better prepared for it mentally.  I did not defeat me last year, it just made me more determined.

These are the positive thoughts I will dwell upon in the upcoming days.  There is much to be looking forward to.  I get my bike back, Fleche-Wallone, Liege Bastogne Liege.  I’m not gonna let life get me down.  It’s gonna be a good week.

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Versus’ “Heidi Game”

heidi_game_19681It’s one of those decisions that leaves you shaking your head.  Or in my case, lunging for my web browser.

The brainiacs at Versus decided that the first 12 minutes of a hockey game were worth truncating the finish of Stage 3 of the Tour of California (a race they have been promoting heavily).  Race coverage of two hours that got cut off.  Cycling in America finally has it’s own Heidi Game.  If they pulled that crap in Europe, villagers with pitchforks would be storming their headquarters.

To add to the suckitude, the Versus website was useless.  Someone tell me where the link to the live video was?  Fortunately I was able to easily view the live video at the Tour’s own site.

Kudos to the Thunder God for a strong sprint victory, but the memory of this fiasco will stay with fans for a long time.  It’s a fine line when your network relies on niche sports for the majority of its content.  The fans tend to be more hardcore than casual, and can be angered easier.

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Think Spring

It’s a lovely 50°F today.  I went for a short walk at lunchtime and you could smell the melting snow.  It’s a difficult smell to describe, but it’s oh so sweet after a cold winter.

To be sure, Old Man Winter isn’t through with us yet.  That stupid groundhog can kiss my ass.  It’s always another 6 weeks of winter here.  I don’t think our average high temp in Albany touches 50 degrees until the end of March – which is about 6 weeks away.  Go figure.

At least the ice jam at the end of my driveway is mostly gone, and while today is a pleasant one, the temps will drop back to normal (low 30s) by the weekend.  The upside of course is hope.  It’s this time of year when I think about equipment purchases for the upcoming road season: new tires, a pair of bibs, maybe a new jersey.

It also gives me a little added motivation on the trainer.  There is always the motivation to maintain some fitness, keep my weight under control and sustain some sanity during the bleak months; but knowing that there is some light at the end of the tunnel makes it just a little bit easier.

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