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An ode to the Sufferfest

I did “Downward Spiral” today.  A solid hour on the pain train.  I hate it while I’m in the middle of it, but love the results it gives me.


Sufferfest is rough

makes me forget cold weather

I love and hate you


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Inside Looking Out

Sun through the window

Ride prospects are deceiving

Alas, the wind wins

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Trainer Tale

Four workouts per week

Dead legs tell the tales of woe

Results are worth it


To an old friend

Make my spirit soar!

Turning gloom into bright skies

I love you, caffeine


Too Long Apart

Rain keeps us apart

Elusive, fair weather is

I need to ride more

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TdF Haiku

Alberto and Lance

Can Johan Work Victory?

The Alps Will Tell Us

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Season Opener Haiku

Today was my first brief foray on the road this season.  It sure was nice to be liberated from the trainer.  Looking at the forecast, the weather won’t quite hold after tomorrow so it’s one more and done for a little while. 

My new tires showed up in the mail (thanks ProBike Kit!) – a pair of Conti 4000 700×25s.  It’s gonna be a good year.

Pavé, I missed you!

The wind on my face felt nice

Spring started today

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Has it been four months since Lombardia?

The last big race of 2008 was Lombardia, and while it was a mere four months ago it feels like million years.

Lombardy, four months?
California Tour? two days!
Angry pedals turn

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Still More Haiku

It’s forty degrees

O! see the ice melt away

Spring cannot be far


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Today’s Haiku

Three hard intervals

The sweat drips from my forehead

Spring will start with speed

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