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BikeAlike: Falling Down

Hello all.  This time around we have one person felled by a computer.  The other felled by his own demons.

I present one Ken Jennings; taken out by Watson, the IBM supercomputer on Jeopardy!.

Ken Jennings

The second of today’s pairing is the enigmatic Floyd Landis; winner and loser of the 2006 Tour de France.

Floyd Landis


Ken Jennings, while seemingly smug, doesn’t irritate me like he does some people.  I’m totally jealous of what he did on Jeopardy! – I can’t get past the online contestant searches.

Floyd on the other hand has done his best to burn all bridges he had in cycling.  He denied everything for years and even took in donations for his defense, then about faced and said he did it after all.  While this is certainly enough to blight him in most people’s eyes, I think his worst act was to effectively take down the Bahati Foundation team.


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Return of BikeAlike

Yes, the reports of Bike Alike‘s demise have been greatly exaggerated.  The triumphant return features a character actor and a Swiss time machine.

I give you actor Eric Balfour who played Milo Pressman on the show “24” and 4-time world time trial champ and classics badass Fabian Cancellara.

Milo Pressman

Milo Pressman

Fabian Cancellara

Fabian Cancellara

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Sound Alike

I may be stretching the BikeAlike metaphor here, but this one has been in my head for a while now.

Today we feature an audio BikeAlike of sorts: two announcers who, while not exact matches, have similar vocal styles.  I give you-

Michael Kay: New York Yankees play by play TV announcer

Dave Towle: Distinctive domestic cycling race announcer (and Mild Stallion celebrity commenter)

This edition accomplishes two things.  One, I finally give life to the idea that these two guys voices make them sound like they could be brothers and Two, I get another excuse to mention Dave Towle.

To get the full effect, you have to catch Michael Kay toward the end of an exciting game.  That way he has the gravely tone that evokes the sound of Dave Towle.

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A Two Horse Race

BikeAlike™ returns with an entry as timely as today’s headlines.  I give you: Thoroughbred horse trainer Todd Pletcher and 3-Time Tour champ Greg Lemond.

Nonplussed Todd PletcherNonplussed Greg Lemond








Apparently, these photos were taken after both men had just watched a sad movie.  It is plausible that both of them would have struck a similar profile today anyway.  Pletcher’s horse didn’t win the Belmont today, and Greg Lemond has just come across as downright ornery these days.

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Royal BikeAlike

It’s a regal BikeAlike today, people.  Both of our participants are of noble parentage; one of a more traditional mode than the other.  I give you Prince William of Britain and cycling phenom Taylor Phinney:

Prince William  Taylor Phinney

The world surely knows William’s lineage, the son of Princess Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales.  He is in line to be King someday.

Taylor is the son of Olympic champ Connie Carpenter Phinney and Davis Phinney.  As any team physiologist will tell you, “choose your parents well” – and Taylor certainly has.  His mother not only won Olympic Gold, but a slew of national titles as well.  Davis’ palmares are perhaps more impressive; two stage wins at the Tour, God knows how many wins overall (I heard 328 somewhere).  While listening to The Competitors, I heard the tale of his teammates calling him the Cash Register because he won all the primes. 

The kid has crazy talent; if he has it in his heart, the sky is the limit for him.

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Today’s BikeAlike

No way in Hades am I the first person to make this association:

Mike Greenberg of ESPN and recently retired American cyclist Bobby Julich

Mike Greenberg     Bobby Julilch

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More Bike Alikes

Today’s installment of BikeAlike brings us a sardonic basic cable clip show host and Belgium’s biggest cycling sprint star.  I give you Joel McHale and the man with all the nicknames, Tom “Tom Tom” “Tornado Tom ” “Tommeke” “Boom Boom” Boonen.

Joel McHale        Tom Boonen

Not bad.  I see they both have the pointy ear thing going on as well.

Let’s see, here.  Boonen’s exploits on and off the bike are well documented.  A sprinting legend in his time, Tommeke is twice a winner of Paris Roubaix and winner of multiple Tour de France stages.  I hope his Coke issues are behind him, for his sake.  His time as the undisputed #1 of sprints looks to be over with the arrival of brash Manxman, Mark Cavendish.  I look forward to their duels over the next few years.

Joel McHale, on the other hand is the host of The Soup on E!.  I love the show not only because it’s genuinely funny, but also because it’s sarcastic targets are largely horrible reality and talk shows that seem to permeate the airwaves these days.

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