Exclusive Interview!

It’s November, the days are shorter and colder.  Times like these lend themselves to reflection.  Fortunately I was able to land an interview with the man himself.  The following is my interview with Mild Stallion.

Me: Outdoor season done?

Mild Stallion: Yeah, Mother Nature makes that decision for me.  Too cold and windy, short days.  Typical stuff.

Me: You sound kind of resigned to it.  Do you have trouble leaving the road?

Mild Stallion:  It’s part acceptance, part looking forward to the change.  My riding becomes so sporadic this time of year that my fitness takes a hit.  Love it or hate it, the trainer is more “aerobically correct” – I can get a more focused workout.

Me:  How was the season?

Mild Stallion:  I had some high hopes going into it.  I had great fitness coming out of the winter and it translated very well to the road.  Unfortunately for my riding, we moved to a new house in June.  The whole process started in mid April, and the craziness didn’t subside until sometime in July.  It took a really big toll on my rides.

Outside of riding, the new house has been a huge positive.  It’s a much better situation than what we were living with for the previous seven years.

Me:  I take it there was no Circuit Century?

Mild Stallion:  Sadly, no.  I just didn’t have the consistency of rides to build up to it.  I had to concentrate on just getting rides in where I could.  My average ride was under two hours.  Compared to the previous 3 seasons where I averaged around 2.5 hours per ride, it was a significant drop.

Me:  It sounds like a tough season.  Were there any positives?

Mild Stallion:  Oh sure.  Physically I went through it unscathed and I got to get in some serious test time with a few “new to me” items.

Me:  New to you?

Mild Stallion:  Yeah, I wore bib shorts almost exclusively this year.  That along with using chamois cream and the tires I rode on – it gave me a chance to see if they were for me.

Me:  So how did you like the bib shorts?

Mild Stallion:  It’s one of those items where I wonder how I ever rode without them!  Very comfortable, no fear of showing my backside to the public (chuckles).  It kept the chamois centered naturally.

When I used them in conjunction with the chamois cream, it made for a level of long-ride comfort that I didn’t know was available.

The tires I rode were Continental Gatorskins.  As for them, let me put it this way; I can’t wait to go back to my GP 4000s next year.

Me:  So what’s next for you?

Mild Stallion:  Well, I’m already on the trainer.  Getting used to the room in the new house where I ride it.  It’s a smaller room than the old house.  No problems after the first ride.

Looking forward to giving myself a good thrashing from time to time! (laughs)  I’ve got a new Sufferfest to try and I think there’s going to be more coming out; I need some variety in the workouts that I do.  I think I have about 20 separate video and audio workouts to do, so hopefully they won’t get too routine.

Me:  Thanks for your time.  Hope you have a good indoor season.

Mild Stallion:  Thanks, I hope the fitness comes around.


There you have it, the man in his own words.  One outdoor season over, one indoor season underway.

Thanks for reading!

If you wish to contact Mild Stallion for interview requests, please refer them to mildstallion@gmail.com

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