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I can’t believe I’m thinking this

A thought crackled through my brain as I was looking at the weather forecast for this week.

“I do better on the Trainer”


I utter this in the middle of July?  What the Hell am I thinking?  The trainer is supposed to be the embodiment of a tortuous, monotony-filled, claustrophobic bore-fest of a winter season that seemingly drags on forever.  I should be reveling in the delights of a summer season filled with new personal bests, long rides pushing up against 3 hours and the occasional unsupported metric century.

The reality: I have been doing about two rides a week since Memorial Day.  My fitness has taken a big hit and my weight is creeping up (slowly, thank God).  Most of last summer and into the current one my riding has become increasingly sporadic.  Goals go out the window and I’m happy just to get something in.

The irony is that during the winter my rides on the Trainer are scheduled out.  I can say with a high degree of certainty that I will do 3 rides every week, and occasionally a bonus one.  Also, I’m realizing that the quick weight workout I do after trainer rides is more beneficial that I thought.  The loss of tone is really evident even if the strength losses themselves are moderate.

The solution?  Difficult to say; “ride more” is easier said than done apparently.  I may need to change focus to shorter rides so I can get home from work, do a short (under an hour) ride with a little intensity and still have time to do the other things that may have gotten in the way.  To draw the TdF analogy, now I’m hunting for stage wins.