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Where was I?

The last few weeks have been weird.  The Mrs. and I moved into a more appropriate domicile about 3 weeks ago.  Since then, it’s been mostly errands, appointments, contractors, weekend parties and projects with a few “normal” days interspersed.

Fortunately I have access to the same bike routes that I like and have been getting in 2 or 3 rides each week.  I know there’s been a dearth of posts, so sorry about that.

I’m totally psyched for the Tour.  It starts Saturday and it’s looking to be a good one.  I have read the articles on this years route and there are parts that stand out to me.  First, the stage 3 ride on the cobbles.  It seems to me that the LA fanboys are viewing this as the “OMG Contador will miss the cut because we all know Spaniards can’t ride cobbles” stage.  I have trouble thinking that he can lose huge chunks of time there.  I’d like to see Lance do well, but this view of the stage seems exaggerated.  I’m glad that they have cobbles on this years route, if only for variety in the first week.

The two trips up the Tourmalet should prove interesting.  Such a sadistic pastime, enjoying others’ suffering.  I think I like the Tours that have major mountain stages in the Pyrenees better than the Alps.  Difficult to quantify: the nutso Basque fans, the climbs themselves, I dunno.

If they aren’t going to have a Team Time Trial, they should have two long Individual TTs instead of one on the penultimate stage.  I remember not too long ago there would be a pair of TTs no shorter than 40k or so.  They were a great way to show just who is the strongest rider.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.  It’s good to be somewhat back and I totally can’t wait for three weeks of great racing.



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