I’m Still Alive

Still dealing with work and moving issues, but I am getting my rides in.  I’d like to be riding more, but I should be happy with what I’m able to do.

I have been following this year’s Giro (totally not at work), and it’s been awesome.  It’s too bad this race doesn’t get more international attention.

As a side note to the Giro: Time Warner Cable doesn’t carry Universal Sports.  They used to, but they dropped it.  Step up and serve your customers, TWC.  Have you ever heard of a network called “This”?  Neither has anyone else, but that’s what replaced Universal Sports on Time Warner out here.

Oh yeah, I think Floyd Landis said some stuff last week?  I don’t know, it was hard to find any opinion on it.  One thing that didn’t get much press until yesterday is how what he did would affect his team.  I think it was a dick move to do what he did to the Bahati Foundation team’s image.  I stated before how I felt about that team.  Floyd seemed like a real incongruous pick to ride there, but I guess Rahsaan (like many others) believed Floyd.

Well, he’s succeeded in killing major sponsorship for the team.  Thanks for nothing, you just screwed a bunch of people’s livelihoods.

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