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I’m Still Alive

Still dealing with work and moving issues, but I am getting my rides in.  I’d like to be riding more, but I should be happy with what I’m able to do.

I have been following this year’s Giro (totally not at work), and it’s been awesome.  It’s too bad this race doesn’t get more international attention.

As a side note to the Giro: Time Warner Cable doesn’t carry Universal Sports.  They used to, but they dropped it.  Step up and serve your customers, TWC.  Have you ever heard of a network called “This”?  Neither has anyone else, but that’s what replaced Universal Sports on Time Warner out here.

Oh yeah, I think Floyd Landis said some stuff last week?  I don’t know, it was hard to find any opinion on it.  One thing that didn’t get much press until yesterday is how what he did would affect his team.  I think it was a dick move to do what he did to the Bahati Foundation team’s image.  I stated before how I felt about that team.  Floyd seemed like a real incongruous pick to ride there, but I guess Rahsaan (like many others) believed Floyd.

Well, he’s succeeded in killing major sponsorship for the team.  Thanks for nothing, you just screwed a bunch of people’s livelihoods.


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A right good ass kicking

Through forces beyond my control, I was unable to get out for a ride for a solid 9 (!) days.  Suffice it to say that going out for a 40 mile ride on a Saturday morning with little wind and temps in the 70s was enticing.  I was psyched – I needed this ride.

I went out on a route that I am very familiar with and I knew would take a little over 2 hours.  The first climb up Schauber Road was what I expected:  a steep grade that takes a couple minutes to get up.  I went into the red zone for the last 100 yards or so.  That’s the standard plan for that climb; short anaerobic bursts are needed for fitness gains.  I got to the top a little slower than usual, but I wasn’t expecting to hold on to all of my form after 9 days.

The second climb is a very steep but also very short “berg” about 4 miles later that takes around 30 seconds to ascend.  I got up it, but holy cow it was tough.  I was still feeling the first climb all the way out to this one.

This was the theme for the ride.  I had one more serious climb and a bunch of rollers thereafter.  I felt winded and worn out for the duration.  This is what it’s like to lose form this quickly – the first big effort is doable, but the subsequent ones are where the lack of fitness shows itself.

I purposely added a mostly flat 3 miles to the end of the ride in the hope that I would get a small endurance benefit from it.  There’s no two ways around it, I felt it.  I really hope that this ride gets me some fitness in return, but it was a toughie.

Some of you have noticed the dearth of posts lately.  I’ll try to put up more frequent posts, but the Mrs. and I are in the process of moving to a new house so all the craziness that goes with selling, buying, agents, lawyers, mortgage, etc. exacts its toll.  I’ll need more frequent rides to balance out my sanity.

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