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To an old friend

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Turning gloom into bright skies

I love you, caffeine




Ugh.  So I haven’t had a meaningful ride in almost a week.  Taking stock of the last few days it makes sense, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

On Monday, I led a conference call at the J-O-B for about 90 minutes.  By the time it was over, my voice was a little rough.  I figured it was from the usual vocal stress of talking for over an hour.  I drank some water and forgot about it.

When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I felt like a golf ball had been forced into my larynx.  My voice sounded like I was channeling some weird mashup of Barry White and Tone Loc.  While it was fun to play with this new sound, it hurt.

It simmered for a couple days, but by Thursday it had become a problem.  I actually completed 25 minutes on the trainer doing some easy tempo, but even at that pace I could feel every breath irritate my throat.  I was sure it was Strep, so I went to the doc.  Turns out, no Strep.  It’s some upper respiratory virus – wait it out for a week and take some vitamin I.

Side note: They had to weigh me for some reason.  I tipped in at 186.  That was hard to take.  The heart rate of 56 mitigated it somewhat.

Today I felt like I was turning the corner, but now I think I have a full-blown cold.  To quote Samir, “This is a suck!”

Mrs. Stallion had gotten me some new training vids, and I’m dying to try them out, but now I have to wait.  They say you can still train and ride as long as your illness doesn’t go below your neck.  I don’t think I’m that desperate yet, and I don’t want to redirect my body’s energy to non virus-killing activities.

Does this count as rock bottom for my fitness and weight?  I dunno, but I need to turn things around post haste.  Not liking the trend.


Consistency at Last

A quick check over at Winning Stats shows I had 11 rides for November.  Not bad, considering that my goal every month is for 12 rides.  I consider three rides a week to be a good pace.

It’s also a good number of rides considering the paltry amount I did over the summer.  We set a record for rain here in July, and August was only slightly better.  I think I had 12 rides over the course of two months.  Blech.

Factor in that I packed it in during the second week of October, and the road season this year sucked.

I’m glad that the Sufferfest is putting out new material, as I’m finally fully adjusted to trainer mode.  I think that I’m learning what training works best for me during these cold, dark months.  The outright thrashing of some of the Spinervals videos isn’t what I’m looking for.  I guess that the Sufferfest is dishing out similar punishment, but I have a good time doing them.  The Trainright workouts seem to work well also, but they leave me in better condition afterward.  I feel that I definitely put out a hard effort, but I recover from them better and feel that I get a stronger fitness gain.

I have also been reading about the classic off-season “LSD” (Long, slow distance) theory of building the base.  Since I’m not a racer, I can feel free to take my own approach.  What seems to be working so far is mixing in at least one mid-tempo hour-long ride per week.  I throw in a time trial-esque 10 minute high aerobic interval to make it a little harder, but it’s just a good calorie-burner.

The mix of tempo and interval workouts is feeling like a good mix.  I just have to be able to keep at it and hope for better weather come April.

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