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I’m not big on reposting stuff from other sites, but this one deserves it.  It comes from the “Scott’s Spin” section of the RoadBikeRider weekly newsletter.  I recommend this site to all non-racing roadies who want to get better.

Scott nailed this one.

A concerned co-worker noticed I hadn’t been too chipper recently and asked if I’d considered taking anti-depressants. Something like Prozac, Zoloft or HappiTyme. (Caution: Side effects may include nausea, dry mouth and rectal leakage.)

 Fun as that sounded, it hadn’t occurred to me to try drugs of the non-EPO variety. I guess because my anti-depressant has always come with 2 wheels and derailleurs.

 Would medication help? I wondered. The answer came — as it often does — on my next ride.

 It was a balmy summer evening after work, around 7:30, and I’d just finished some hill repeats. I was heading home at an easy pace, feeling wasted but satisfied. The roads were quiet, finally. The setting sun bathed the ridgeline orange.

 Time, I noticed, had slowed way down. I felt incredibly peaceful and began seeing things I’d normally miss.

 As I glided by, a woman in her garden looked up and said hi — two of us doing something we loved, possibly after a long day of doing something we didn’t.

 I passed some horses in a fenced yard. “Please don’t feed the animals,” a sign said. “They bite.” Ah, nature.

 A mile from home, I almost made the light I never make. But I didn’t care. I’d already taken my anti-depressant.



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Too Long Apart

Rain keeps us apart

Elusive, fair weather is

I need to ride more

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Q: Does This Theme Make My Ass Look Fat?

A: No, poor diet and a lack of cycling make your ass look fat.

It’s time for a new site theme.  I hope you like it, let me know what you think.