Stage 13 to be raced in 21st Century

So the UCI has ‘decided’ to lift the ban on race radios during stage 13.  I’m sure that the race organizer ASO didn’t want another blazé stage that the riders passively-aggressively rode on stage 10.

It’s refreshing to see a return to rational thought.  Even baseball doesn’t screw up this bad.  When MLB decided to experiment with instant replay, they did it during spring training games, not the World Series.

When the NFL tries out new rules, it’s done during preseason, not the playoffs.

So of course the UCI in it’s never-ending quest to mangle the sport into something incomprehensible to the average sports fan, decides to change up the rules and tactics of the sport during it’s biggest event.  Oh yeah, did I mention that they dropped the announcement of this change just weeks before the Tour?

Gadzooks, man.  You couldn’t try this during the Dauphine or Pays Basque?  Even a semi-classic or two would have been a nice “experiment”.  As Jens Voigt said, why not have the riders go without helmets or brake cables either?  It makes just as much sense.


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