Like a Sack of Anvils

On one of the climbing workouts in the Do The Tour…Stay at Home series from 2006, Bob Roll tries to motivate you by saying that if you don’t keep up, he’ll “drop your sorry ass like a sack full of anvils”.

I was at a work conference most of last week, and riding wasn’t a viable option.  My time was spent presenting and sitting in on training sessions and eating a lot.  I rode the Saturday before (the 9th) for a paltry 1¼ hours (26 miles).  Suffice it to say that when I got back, I needed to get some miles in.

I was psyched that on Friday afternoon the weather was perfect.  As I like to say, it was “room temperature” outside – 72°F and wind under 5 mph.  I left work at 2:00 eager to ride, but aware that it would be wiser to keep the length of the ride low so I don’t shock my body too much (Achilles and knees, I’m looking at you).

For some reason the granola bar (and water that accompanied it) I had as a snack 2 hours before sloshed around in my stomach to no end.  I felt awful.  I made it 20 minutes in before I caved and figured this was a lost cause.  By the time I got home it was a pitiful 48 minute affair not even hitting 15 miles.  Feh.  I felt like a sack of anvils.

Tomorrow is a new day.  The weather is cool, but not windy.  I need to get a good, solid endurance ride in soon.  I can’t see myself riding over 2 hours tomorrow, but I want to feel good by the end.  I need to shake the voice of Bob Roll out of my head and replace it with Phil Liggett telling me that I’m dancing on the pedals.


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