Day Three

The craving isn’t as bad as yesterday.  I still feel like I could fall off the wagon if I’m not careful.

Tea again.  I think this will make it a little easier to kick the habit.  I haven’t had any bad headaches, even after doing a ride on the trainer last night (5 hill accelerations, if you’re interested).  My short term goal is to ween off of the caffeine altogether by the weekend.  If I can make that happen, I think the next step – removing basic temptations – will be easier.

Funny that getting off of caffeine isn’t the hard part.  I’m sure coffee drinkers take more in than I ever did with Diet Cokes; but that was never the issue.  I still don’t know what was in that stuff that had such a grip on me.

I wonder if having a regular Coke will be a problem.  I avoid it anyway because of the calorie count.  Something like 250 in a 20oz bottle.  That’s a lot of sugar!  They could probably take a third of that out and it would still taste good.


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