More Bike Alikes

Today’s installment of BikeAlike brings us a sardonic basic cable clip show host and Belgium’s biggest cycling sprint star.  I give you Joel McHale and the man with all the nicknames, Tom “Tom Tom” “Tornado Tom ” “Tommeke” “Boom Boom” Boonen.

Joel McHale        Tom Boonen

Not bad.  I see they both have the pointy ear thing going on as well.

Let’s see, here.  Boonen’s exploits on and off the bike are well documented.  A sprinting legend in his time, Tommeke is twice a winner of Paris Roubaix and winner of multiple Tour de France stages.  I hope his Coke issues are behind him, for his sake.  His time as the undisputed #1 of sprints looks to be over with the arrival of brash Manxman, Mark Cavendish.  I look forward to their duels over the next few years.

Joel McHale, on the other hand is the host of The Soup on E!.  I love the show not only because it’s genuinely funny, but also because it’s sarcastic targets are largely horrible reality and talk shows that seem to permeate the airwaves these days.


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