Minor Major

TDU logoAh, January.  The dead of winter.  The holidays are a distant memory and Spring feels like it can’t get here soon enough.  Time for trainer rides, clearing the driveway of snow and sub-zero temperatures.  It used to be the only thing that kept me going until spring was looking forward to the Tour of California.

Well, that’s been somewhat usurped by the Tour Down Under, only recently granted ProTour status.  The thing is – I have trouble caring for this one.  I mean, it’s great to have some top-level pros going head to head out on the open road, but this race just doesn’t have the juice most of the other ProTour races have.

I should be thankful that Lance is competing in this race, because otherwise Versus would never air any coverage of it.  Of course I’ve watched it all so far, but because of the time difference (I think Australia is 2 days ahead somehow) I know the result by lunchtime.  If I really cared about the race, I would do my best to stay oblivious until I watched the recording.

This has all the feeling of a relationship that once had promise but never gets going.  I’m not trying to belittle you TDU, but you just don’t do it for me.  It’s not you – it’s me.  I need more climbing in a stage race.  A time trial would be nice.  Yes, you had a criterium to get things going – but a ProTour criterium that doesn’t count toward the GC?  Please; you’re embarrassing yourself.  I’m going to take some “me” time and make a booty call to the ToC in a few weeks (she knows what I like).

And yet, I still watch.  I still look up the race results.  Why? It all comes full circle now.  Because it’s January and I’m getting ancy.  I want to feel like this bleak weather is gonna break and the season for pavé will soon be here.  I guess watching a summertime race helps me forget the winter for a little while.  I’m not one of those die hards that rides outside all winter.  It’s supposed to make it to 37°F on Friday – ooh! maybe I can chip away the layer of ice that’s been on my driveway for two weeks.  I’m sure I can count that as cross-training.


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