Year In Review

Another year comes to a close, and everywhere can be seen a year-end wrap up.  Being an inherent sheep, I of course feel compelled to deliver one also.  So as they say on the BBC World Service, Here again are the main points.

New Job for Mrs. Stallion

A great weight was lifted from both of us when my wife embarked on a new career as a manicurist nail technician.  After toiling for years at a job she didn’t like, she finally took the leap into a new profession.  I can sympathise as I had a similar episode some ten years ago.  Nothing can suck the life force out of you like having to go to a job you hate every day.  Kudos to her.

Cancellara at Milan-San Remo (and Swiss Tour)

The best performances I saw in road racing this year both came from Tony Spartacus himself, Fabian Cancellara.  At Milan San Remo, the way he powered up at the last kilometer of a seven hour race was amazing.  What a way to stamp your dominance over the competition.  Not to be outdone in his home tour in June, he won two stages including a turn-yourself-inside-out sprint win in the final stage.  It was a career year for the Swiss rider, and he shows no signs of decline heading toward 2009.

Goal of Lake Desolation Road

My personal riding goal was set the previous winter.  I had decided at that point that the whole purpose of my outdoor season was to successfully complete the climb up Lake Desolation Road.  It was great motivation; the more I talked about it, the more I trained for the endurance required, the more I wanted it.

Alas, I was only able to complete it with a stop near the end.  However, it will become a part of my seasons as I go forward.  It’s a great route to take when I want to do a long ride – there and back is nearly 4 hours.

Discover some new roads in Charlton

As a result of my Desolation training, I rode quite a bit into the town of Charlton.  It’s a really nice place to ride – long stretches of road with wide, clean shoulders, very low traffic and pleasant scenery.  The intersections are few, and I get to ride through farm country.  I even went past a farm that was raising miniature horses.  To do all of the miles I want to in that town I can easily be out for 3 hours.  It gets a bow on it at the end, as I come home by way of my favorite “berg“; a short but very steep climb about 6 miles from home.  Sweet.

Start Blog

I can’t let this very venture slip past.  In August I launched this world-altering blog.  My stats via WordPress are encouraging.  I’m not overwhelmed with visitors, but I can definitely see that I have my readers.  To all of you, I say a hearty thanks!

Skipping Century in favor of Ocean City

I rode to Lake Desolation on September 1st.  A few days later, Mrs. Stallion and I took a needed vacation in the tourist trap of Ocean City, Maryland.  It was a refreshing few days at the beach, shopping, eating treats and generally chillaxin.

The timing was interesting.  I had a conflict of sorts;  there is a well-run Century ride every September here the weekend after Labor Day.  In this year’s case, that would have been on the weekend we came back from vacation.  I knew I was in better riding shape than I was when I first rode it in 2006.  However, common sense prevailed (I think) and I chose the beach instead.  Next year though, I think I can destroy my previous time of just under 7 hours.  Somebody hold me to this.

Better “off season” setup

As I write this, I am about 25 feet from my bike.  Last year that wasn’t the case.  I have been promoted from the basement to what was a spare bedroom.  It’s nice – I’m not freezing when I start and it’s a much friendlier environment.  The  multimedia experience is in effect; 7 Carmichael Do the Tour stages on CD and 4 Spinervals DVDs on the TV.  With all this, you’d think I would be on the trainer more but for some reason I’m averaging less rides per week.  I have 10 rides in December (11 for sure before New Year’s), but it should have had a few more.  It’s a nice segue into the next stanza:

No time off in January?

Usually, I take a week completely off of riding during the first full week of January.  It’s a time to recharge, heal annoying pains and take a mental break.  But with the (unintentional) reduction in riding this season, I might skip skipping.  I’d hate to hang on to all those extra holiday calories I threw down.  I’m not sure I could handle the guilt of intentionally not riding for 7 days straight.

Wow, that’s a lot for me to say.  I hope I haven’t driven too many of you away with this diatribe.  Maybe I can pull new people in by using the word “goth” again.  The last time I did that my hits spiked.


Let’s see how long a tome like this can hold me over.  Have a great new year everybody.  Open roads for all and keep the rubber side down.


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  1. #1 by Sarahh on December 29, 2008 - 2:13 pm

    Hahaha, Goth. Goth. Goth. Gothity-goth.

    I will hold you to the Century ride next year. Hell, if you’re really lucky and it’s not a holiday weekend, maybe I’ll come up and work support for you. Happy New Year!

  2. #2 by mildstallion on December 29, 2008 - 4:45 pm

    Sweet. I’ve always wanted a team car!

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