Budget Surplus

thanksgiving_dinnerThe last few years, I’ve always had a built in guilt buster for my Thanksgiving day.  A nice, steady hour on the trainer in the morning that burns up a good 1,000 calories.  It was great; not only did I get supercharged for the days festivities, I didn’t have to worry about that third slice of pie.

Well this year it didn’t happen.  My last ride was on Tuesday after work, and I felt like crap the whole time.  I probably shouldn’t have ridden, but the self-inflicted guilt trip pushed me forward.  Since then I’ve been held back by a low-grade cold that only bothers me in the first half of the day.  Weird.

It’s hard to explain to non riders, but the combination of not riding and continuing to eat – Thanksgiving, no less – makes you feel so scared that you’re going to put on that dreaded winter weight that’s so hard to shake.  I was fat before, and I don’t ever want to go back.  The thought of me slowly sliding back to that status scares the hell out of me.

I know that I will have a surplus of calories for the week; so that only means weight going up.  I need to find a good trainer schedule this season.  It’s been kind of haphazard this time around.  I used to be able to count on Monday, Wednesday, Friday as a good schedule but this year the Mondays are the point of contention.  I need those 3 rides every week to stay in the zone as far as maintaining weight and keeping good fitness.  A 4th ride is a bonus.

I haven’t weighed myself in a couple weeks, and I don’t think I want to see where it is.  I’m sure I’m pushing past 170.  I’d like to be in the low 160s when spring rolls around.  I think it’s going to take some calorie cutting on the intake side to make the math work this time around.

Too bad that when training volume goes down, appetite stays the same.


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