To All You Haters

I get agitated when I hear people otherwise ignorant of cycling refer to it as “just a bunch of dopers”.

Truth be told, cycling is doing more and punishing harder than the NFL or MLB would ever tolerate.

Briggs articulated it better than I can, but it’s nice to hear an accurate description of the sham that is drug testing in the big four sports here in the U.S.

For too long the strong unions fought testing in the name of privacy, but in reality they were only trying to hold up their free reign to dope.  The unions want the players to get bigger contracts, the leagues want “better action”, and turn a blind eye when ratings and branding increase.

Can you imagine the NFL imposing the same punishments on their players that the UCI places on their riders?  On an all-pro, no less?

Well if Shawne Merriman had to endure it, he’d just be getting back this week.  Two prime years of his career – gone.  Oh yeah, he would have also forfeit his contract that year and would be struggling to get one for this year; no slap on the wrist.

I hate when I hear about another great performance being attributed to EPO, CERA or whatever.  But it irritates me on another level when I hear ball sport honks put my sport down for it, all the time knowing that they have their heads in the sand.


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