Baby It’s Cold Outside

It happens every year.

Today marks the last outdoor ride of the season.  It was a nice 41 mile excursion to the north lasting about 2 hours and 15 minutes.  The temp at the start was 56 and I think 51 when I got back home.  Cold enough to get that “this might be a bad idea” feeling during the warm up and painfully numb toes at the end.

I was still able to enjoy it; the cool air is better to breathe somehow.  I smelled more wood burning as people are turning the heat back on.  As I rode past Lakeside Farms, I was able to enjoy one last whiff of fall goodies – cider donuts mostly.  Yum!

I did my best to savor these sensations as this is probably the last day over 55 degrees (my lower limit) until spring.  Now I turn my attention to staying fit on the trainer, a process eased a bit this year by adding a few new Spinervals videos to the mix.  I add these to my collection of 5 or so DVDs and 7 “Do the Tour” CDs.  I was able to score the 2006 Do the Tour series, so at least I get to hear Bob Roll.

I also am being promoted from the basement to the penthouse suite.  Mrs. Stallion decided to make a workout room out of a spare bedroom, so now I won’t be freezing at the start of those mid-winter trainer sessions.

I used to hate leaving the road for the trainer, but that feeling has mellowed considerably.  It will be nice to keep the sensation in my toes and get in a good workout in 90 minutes or less.  I am also better able to control when I ride.  My schedule is the big obstacle here, not mother nature.  It seems since Labor Day I haven’t had any great weeks on the road.  I think only about 4 or 5 rides over 2½ hours and several rides separated by more than 4 days.  Once I’m on the trainer it’s pretty consistent 3 or 4 rides per week.

The road will be a memory turning into a dream over the next 20 or so weeks.  I’ll do my intervals, watch my videos, listen to Bob Roll’s stories again, watch the leaves go away and the snow pile up and curse BTL for living in Florida.


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