Views on Vuelta on Versus

I really enjoyed being able to follow Velonews’ live coverage of this years Vuelta.  It was the next best thing to being able to watch it on TV.  I don’t know what the next best thing after that is, but about 5 below that was Versus‘ one hour wrap up broadcast this past weekend.

Where do I start with this?  The most obvious is that this recap aired about three weeks after the race ended.  Anyone interested enough to watch it already knew what happened for weeks.  I don’t know who green lighted doing a one hour summary of a three week grand tour, but they should be subjected to this for 21 days.

Phil Liggett did his usual engaging commentary, but the audio was terrible.  For a moment I thought he literally phoned it in.  Disappointing, Versus.  You could do much better.

I know that the Vuelta is the red-headed stepchild of the Grand Tours, but still; how about a weekend show like you did for the Giro?  At least it was somewhat timely, and I had the feeling you were actually there.  For all I know, you just read the Velonews Live Update for the Vuelta when I did (which was totally not at work).

I was able to cleanse the palate today with Paris-Tours.  It was better than I expected; nice action for what should have been a snooze-fest of a sprinters classic.


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