D Tour

Ok, so I’m totally psyched that there is some decent racing on my TV these days.  The Tour of Ireland was a very pretty race, if not a tad boring.  The vistas were absolutely stunning; I didn’t know Ireland had those great mountain passes.

It was a little hard to get through when you know Cavendish is going to win three stages of a 5 stage tour.  The competition wasn’t top notch for this event, but it was on and I watched it.  I guess it’s like watching the Tour of Qatar.

Anyway, before that was even on it was time for the D-Tour!  A nice ProTour event to cleanse the palate.  The competition is top-notch, even if there is a dearth of Americans; I think Jason McCartney is the only one, and he’s been invisible so far.  The Beijing Olympics really put the Germans over the barrel for scheduling.  Normally this race would have been ridden a couple of weeks ago.  Now it has to contend with the Vuelta and the US Pro championships.


Some observations: This race is being covered by WCSN-Universal Sports.  They have Frankie Andreu as a color commentator, and he does his usual solid job.  I’m still trying to figure out if I like Steve Schlanger or not.  First impressions are ok, but he has kind of an over-polished weasel-y tone.  Maybe I’ll warm up to it.











Am I the only one to think the Volksbank logo looks like they ripped it off from Van Halen?








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